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Obituary of Dr M. YAQOOB BHATTI by Dr. M. YOUNAS

A life Well Lived


(March 19, 1929 – March 22, 2019)

Obituary of Dr Muhammad Yqoob Bhatti

Dr Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti, a renowned Veterinarian and legend of Livestock Sector left to his eternal aboard at 90 on March 22, 2019 (Fri) at Lahore. He lived a very decent and successful life and has been busy in his profession till his last moment. Dr Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti was born on March 19, 1929 at the house of Ch Dost Muhammad at village Mirzapur at Kapurthala State, India. He attended the Govt Barance High School at Sibi where his father was employed as Headmaster.

Having graduated from Matric in 1944, he joined Punjab Veterinary College, Lahore. He earned his degree of BVSc (1949) in first class with distinction. He visited LSU Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA in 1950 at a USDA grant. He started his professional career (1950) as Veterinary Assistant Surgeon (VAS) and was promoted to Veterinary Inspector in 1952.

During May 1953 he was promoted to Assistant Animal Husbandry Officer at Quetta, as Disease Investigation Officer (DIO) in 1956 and in April 1959 was promoted to Poultry Research Officer (PRO) at West Pakistan during one unit.

Prof Dr Hafiz Abdul Qayyum, an old, great Alumnus of UAF, writing his biography in his book (Yad-e-Raftgan) states that when West Pakistan Agricultural University (WPAU), Lyallpur came into being in 1961, the then first Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Z A Hashmi picked him from Quetta on deputation and appointed him as Reader (Associate Professor) in November 1961 and was made the Chairman of the Poultry Husbandry Dept at Faculty of Animal Husbandry (FAH), WPAU, Lyallpur. Dr M Y Bhatti worked very hard during this period, he earned a great respect through an excellent teaching, earned his PhD degree and also evolved Lyallpur Silver Black (LSB) breed at Poultry Research Station at WPAU. This breed gave marvelous results in back yard poultry farming and became the base of rural poultry farming.

He was asked by the Balochistan Govt to report back and join as Regional Director Animal Husbandry at Quetta. Dr Bhatti returned back and accepted this offer from Jan 1967 to May Later he joined as Deputy Secretary (Dev) at the MINFAL&RD, Islamabad. He remained on the post till May 1973 and till was given the portfolio of Animal Husbandry Commissioner (AHC) in April 1975. By virtue of his abilities of head & heart, he kept on climbing to new heights to Additional Secretary MINFAL (Grade 21) March 31, 1978. From April 1978, he was made Managing Director (MD) of PLDB (Punjab Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Development Board), Lahore. He remained President of the PVMC and also made efforts to raise the CVS to the status of UVAS, Lahore.

In 1985 Dr Yaqoob Bhatti came up with an idea of poultry business along with his son and partners where Dr Bhatti engaged himself as Director Technical in the Big Bird Poultry Breeders (Ltd).

According to Dr K M Shouq, Dr Bhatti started many initiatives which Insha –Allah will become a source of Sadaqah Jariyah for him. His contributions on at least five (5) fronts of national issues received well respect and c ommendations.

  • He made strenuous efforts in getting BPS # 17 for Vets at par with medical doctors, likewise he collected all field veterinarians to reach Dept high ups, UGC, HODs and Governor of the Provinces, etc. to achieve this laurel.
  • Establishment of Kala Bagh Dam (KBD) in the country was his dream. He was a steadfast supporter of Kala Bagh Dam (KBD) and wrote plenty of letters (> 200) to all concerned highlighting its significance, importance and its need for the country in coming years. (Later the letters were converted in the form of a book). He was of the opinion that KBD is must for food security and safety of Pakistan and will provide a guarantee to the vital national ailments like alarming energy crises, acute water shortage and barrenness of 30 M acres of land due to which Pakistan has suffered for all these years.
  • He has proposed the Idea of establishment of University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore to the then Governor of the Punjab (2002). Later, He put his efforts to transfer a large piece of land to the University for future experimentation.
  • Establishment of Big Bird Poultry Breeders (Ltd) in the country from scratch to a very successful enterprise.
  • Establishment of the Pakistan Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry Council on the analogy of PMDC in the country. He tried to convince many to his POV but very lass paid heed to this school of thought.

At this juncture, some friends has initiated discussion on social media that the love and commitment he had with Animal Production profession. Being a staunch veterinarian he was a steadfast supporter of Animal Husbandry (Animal Production). He knew the importance of both and realized that these two disciplines can work simultaneously and compliment to each other to take the livestock and poultry disciplines’ to new heights and solve the riddles facing to this sector, till this day. I will take this topic under a separate heading.

Anyhow, Dr M Y Bhatti Sahib was a great patriot, loyal to the country and dead honest to his profession. Regular reader and thinker of the Holy Quran. He was well mannered, soft spoken and sweet to his words and earned a great respect from all walks of life.

Dr Bhatti was very much influential in all success stories including these above and he diligently contributed through his intellect. He had a smooth and soft transfer to the next life.

Nobody from his office or home realized that the March 22, the day the Friday, will be his last day and he is preparing to leave. He celebrated his 90th day on March 19, 2019, after 3 days he passed away. MashahAllah he is survived by 4 sons, 4 daughters and more than 2 dozen grandchildren. His sudden death was a great loss to his family, professions of poultry and livestock. I am sure that he will be remembered for all times to come. May Allah bless him under His Mercy in paradise (Ameen).

Dr Muhammad Younas

Dr Muhammad Younas

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