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Production of volatile fatty acids in Rumen.

Volatile fatty acid formed after the fermentation of carbs in the rumen.These VFAs absorbed directly from the rumen into blood stream with the help of Rumen papillae. Rumen papillae are the finger like projection in the rumen which helps to increase the surface area for absorption.

Types of volatile fatty acids

There are three types of VFAs (Volatile Fatty Acids) mainly named as

1. Propionic Acid      75%

2. Butyric acid          15%

3. Acetic acid            10%

Propionic acid:

Its formula is C₃H₆O₂. It is formed after the fermentation of unstructured carbohydrates like Starch, Glucose, Fructose, etc It acts as a precursor for the Lactose in the Udder. which in result influx the water into milk and increases its production.

Propionic acid travels to the udder and converts 50% into Glucose. While the remaining 50% converts into Galactose and acts as a precursor for Lactose(Milk sugar).

Butyric acid:

Its formula is C4H8O2. It is also a type of volatile fatty acid formed by the fermentation of non-structured Carbs. It helps to provide energy to the rumen papillae to function it properly. It is also present in Milk fat.

Acetic acid:

Its Formula is CH₃COOH. Acetic acid is the main precursor of milk fat and helps to increase the milk fat.

Mr. Umer Saeed

Mr. Umer Saeed

Graduate of BS Dairy Science,
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

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